Sunday, 1 May 2016

Preparation is the key to success

In the above video I am talking of the importance of preparation, when I climbed Ben Nevis last year.
I was so determined that I could do it I forgot to prepare properly and didn't seek the advice I needed. I still managed and also learnt the journey there was as important as achieving that goal.

Stopped for a break

We can all stand alone on the top of a mountain and look back on the journey there, at times we feel like giving up, we feel the pain, we lack the resources and energy to carry on, then just as you feel you want to give up some stranger you don't know comes out of the blue and offers you help a drink and bit of food. 

My Pal Gemma who helped me do it in the first place.

Life gives us what we need we just have to learn to receive as well as giving out. We all have mountains to climb some bigger than others, you may have to regroup, think again, go a different route but when you finally achieve it after learning the lessons on the journey there, we then feel we can climb a bigger one and have the strength to reach the top every time.
Determined not to give up 
If we believe in ourselves, others will believe in you and help you on your way. Never allow that big mountains in life we climb, to defeat you. Allow yourself the time and energy and most of all the love from others to drive you to the top!

Who would of thought I could do it?
I did!

You soon learn over the years we need to look at what we need, not always what we want and desire in our life’s

Here are some teachings I've gathered on the subject of desire:

In Buddhism desire is considered one of the main hindrances to enlightenment.

A. Wise man once said, "There are two kinds of desire. One kind of desire reinforces the ego and its suffering. The other desire sets the ego aside and dissolves suffering. It is born out of generosity and appreciation."

Loa Tzu said, "...rid your self of desire in order to observe its secrets, but always allow yourself to have desires in order to observe its manifestations."

Ram Dass once said, "Give it all up and you can have it all."

Abraham-Hicks says, "First fully allow whatever is to just be there. From there create your life and dreams without resistance, no struggle."

Deepak Chopra said, "In meditation go into the gap between your thoughts, release your dreams and desires into the gap and then watch how they manifest in your life. This is how you create your life"

Out of these contemplations it seems clear to me that if a desire feels like craving, yearning or lusting then there is a contracted, grasping energy that struggles and resists the way things are.

My Daughter Layla climbing a big step.
"Success doesn't always mean being rich or having lots of material gains, success to me means doing something now that has a positive effect on the greater good of us all. As what we do today affects what happens in the future"

Remember a goal is just a dream with a time on it, but we set the time and create the goal. If we say I will never do it you won’t. If you say I can’t you won’t. If you say I should you won’t as its someone else telling you to do it.

So start saying I will try my best, I will and can do it. It is only your belief systems and the negative thoughts that are stopping you move forward. Its like when we say to a child don't spill the juice, they spill it, as we in our minds just seen them do that. so they spill it.

Don’t let the negative thoughts of others put you off. as you often find they will soon say told you, you could do it I was just testing you out, they will soon be inspired by your example.

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