Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How to use a pedulum

A quick guide                                                                     

How to use a pendulum for dowsing
As with all new tools you must spend some time
Learning how to use your pendulum properly.
Follow the steps below on how to use a pendulum:-

1. Draw a 13cm straight line on a piece of clean paper.

2. Suspend your pendulum over the line and really concentrate on it, willing it to move and swing along the line. Persevere and concentrate. It really will work. Keep focused and relaxed.

3. Once you have completed step 2. Repeat the exercise using a circle 13cm diameter drawn on a clean sheet of paper. Again using your mind, will your pendulum (which is now tuning in to your own unique vibrations) to move first clockwise, then anti clockwise.

4. You are now ready to PROGRAM your new friend. While willing your pendulum to rotate clockwise tell your subconscious mind this movement relates to YES. Repeat for anti-clockwise again telling your sub conscious mind that this relates to NO. These are the only answers that the Pendulum can ever indicate. Although you may substitute Good-Bad or Safe-Unsafe responses, as you grow more confident.

A Crystal with which you feel some affinity, will always work better for you. Try as many as you wish. They come in all varieties, sizes and weights. Make your pendulum, your friend for life - Now you know how to use a pendulum

Once you have mastered the use of your Crystal or Gem stone Pendulum, you will have a tool that links your conscious mind to your sub conscious mind.
Allowing you to make decisions, which may assist and guide you through the pathways of life.

I have always had a pendulum in my pocket, it’s never 100% when asking a question about ourselves but if anything it helps to get into a relaxed state, just go with it.
I have had a lot of fun with mine and continue to use them.

I will shortly be selling them soon and if you would like one let me know.