Sunday, 25 September 2016

The three R's Talk by Intuitive Life Coach Derek McGillivray.

Hey You? Yes you?
The one that is siting there with your head in your arms ready to give up.

Stop and try this!


Stop and take your thoughts back to when you had problems, hurdles in the past. what you did to overcome them, but also think when you were in a happy place, where you succeeded like passing a driving test. what it felt like etc. This resets your thoughts back to your default happy settings.


Once you have re winded and you are now in a calmer and more relaxed state of mind, where you may have found some solutions, ideas and possible ways forward, look at what else you can do to assist yourself whether its going for a chill out walk, bath, nice meal, time with friends and family.

We have all had an experience where we are constipated all banged up and we are sitting in the toilet ready to get rid of the blockage and we strain and strain then nothing happens as we are trying to push it all out. When we sit back relax,read a paper, play with the phone then all of a sudden the blockage just drops out. And we feel great again, we flush away all the problem with ease.

The secret is to relax,  look at mediation and mindfulness.


We are now ready to re engage in life again in the present, with all the tools and ideas to move forward and overcome your present challenges.

This is a very simple tool my 3 Rs, so get off the bum and stop the procrastinating, take the control back be smart in the present moment.

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Stop and think!
Am I happy? Can I do better? What actions do I need to take? Get off your backside, and do it for yourself, stop expecting others to do it for you. Take a risk and start filling your book up with the victories your going to have, the great learning's you can share, the love you have found inside yourself. The joy of saying well I had a go at it, maybe it didn't work out sometimes, but my successes are more than my failures, which were my guides to my success! Need a push in the right direction contact Derek.

If you need help, book a life coaching session with Derek! Click here to set it up!