Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Derek's Blog video, explaining his love of Crystals with some inspiring thoughts on the gifts nature give us.

The video above explains my love of crystals and the beautiful exhibition of crystals and gemstones in the small village of Corpach, Fort William Treasures of the Earth just below the UKs biggest mountain Ben Nevis.

Derek enjoying his love of nature.
Over the years I have used many different crystals and they still continue to intrigue me. I love having some crystals around me when working as Reiki Spiritual healer, they seem to enhance my work, I first started using a crystal Pendulum in my early days of developing my abilities, it helped me gain confidence, as I would ask yes and no questions, and even ask where certain things were like missing mobile phones and often found them. I now teach others about the healing benefits of crystals and how to use them effectively.

I intend to post useful information on crystals and their many properties.

Why not try going into a crystal shop and just seeing what your drawn to, and see if the meaning off the crystal means anything to you there is loads of information on the net if you know the name of the crystal.
you can down load a list of crystals with meanings from my crystal page on my website

Derek does crystal readings with cards and holds the crystals in his hands to gain insights, why not book one today.

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